Our Products are crafted from 100% Organic (USDA Certified) and Vegan Raw Materials.

As many of Lip-Bomb.com customers have already done, we looked at reports on the harmful effects petroleum and petroleum based compounds have on the Human Body and thought, why am I using that junk? We started to look for some good alternatives to the Stick we used to love, but there were harmful ingredients in almost every single one of them. The one's we found that were good enough to pass our strict list of goodness were way too expensive for our tastes and had nothing really benefitial to offer for the cost.

So we created Lip-Bomb.com Lip Treatments, mostly for personal use... at first. The overwhelming support of friends and family for the great new 100% Organic lip treatments we created was the push we needed to start offering these great lip treatments to the general public. In our first year we sold more than 200 sticks. Not bad for a small company with no advertising budget and a very low overhead.

You will be able to find our great tasting and mosturizing lip treatments in local stores around Chicago very soon. We are in talks with a few spots we love. Stay tuned to find out where you can see Lip-Bomb.com Lip Treatments and support your local stores.
If you are interested in becoming a Local Supporter by selling Lip-Bomb.com in your location, check out the Request Info page for more information and to start our sign-up process.

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